31 May 2018: Mozart’s Requiem in Meteora, conducted by Stavros Xarhakos, original script and directed by Joao Correa

{Night to Light is a spectacular performance of Mozart’s Requiem, illuminating the spirituality and personal nature of the music against a backdrop of eternal, 300 meters high rocks crowned with tiny monasteries, whose history is lost in a sixty million year past…A mystical experience, Night to Light expresses the dimension of feeling and sensations associated with Mozart’s words, “The night of death and the light that exists after death”}. The high definition film, one of the first of the kind (1993), is the result of European cooperation (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia) enabled by the European Commission Media Programme and the Eureka Audiovisual project aiming at enhancing the European production of audio-visual programmes reflecting the richness and diversity of European culture. The Argonauts have had the chance to enjoy this piece of art introduced by its director, Joao Correa, who recently wrote and directed “The Consul of Bordeaux” on Aristides de Susa Mendes and who is about to complete his intellectual heritage to the young generation by his second film “Le mur de l’oubli”. ARGO by way of expressing to him its appreciation for the work done offered him its stamp with the Argonauts rowing to a new world of piece and merit.

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