About us

Argo, the Hellenic Network in Brussels, consists of tens of Greeks who work in the private sector in Brussels, whether in companies, associations or NGOs. We decided to set up our own solidarity and support network for Greeks here. ARGO strives to cultivate and disseminate a positive message about Greece to our social and business network, and to foster and build relationships and partnerships with similar or related organisations in Brussels and abroad.

The idea of setting up a network of private sector employees in Brussels initially came about because we realised that this category of Greek employees didn’t have a representative body, unlike the Greeks who work for international organisations or those involved directly in business or commerce.

In early March 2014 we sent out an email to around 20 Greeks in this category. Talks followed, which resulted in a first meeting at a Brussels restaurant on 20.3.2014. There was considerable interest in the idea at that first meeting and the Network’s inaugural meeting was held on 8.4.2014 at a well-known Brussels hotel.

The network’s Articles of Association and its name (ARGO – HELLENIC NETWORK IN BRUSSELS) and logo were approved at the meeting.

The Network’s first 5-member executive committee was also unanimously elected at that meeting.

We started off with around 20 people who received the email suggesting such a network. Within just 2 months the number of members and prospective members had risen to around 100!