8 March 2019: Migration and EU Borders with DG P. Michou

Argonauts and friends,
The ongoing migratory movement to the EU for a prolonged period, next to its humanitarian side, is a public challenge not of national but of European dimension requiring thus a European response. Does the European Commission’s agenda on migration provide such a response? To what extent is it followed up by the Member States? What is the role of the Commission in putting it in action both vis a vis the Member States and the international partners of the EU? What is the state of affairs and the perspectives for the migrants? In what way migration is related to the question of the external borders of the EU? These and other related issues will ARGO discuss with the Director General for Migration and Home Affairs Paraskevi Michou. The Argonauts acknowledge her invaluable role in these matters and are looking forward to hosting her on 8 March 2019 so that to interact with her on “Migration and EU Borders”★
With argonautic regards,
Spyros Pappas
★The dinner will take place at the Radisson RED Brussels, Rue d’Idalie 35 – B-1050, Brussels,  starting with a drink at 19.30 (https://www.radissonred.com/Brussels/).  
Those they wish to attend are kindly requested to deposit 60 € on the ARGO account KBC BE66 7310 4303 6043 (for active members 50 €), mentioning "Dinner, 08/03/2019” and to inform the Argonaut Panagiota Balopoulou by sending an email to argo@argo-network.eu  and pbalopoulou@gmail.com
Please note that the deadline for registrations is the 4th March.